Manitoba Hydro Place: Climate Responsive Architecture Consortium
Economic Impact
A feasible financial case was integral to targeting excellence in the other four Integrated Architecture goals. The IDT was determined to not simply save energy, but to set out to prove that a new paradigm of Integrated Design would yield the most economically efficient model. By investing in intelligent systems, materials and processes, the IDT was able to produce a building which was economically, environmentally, and culturally excellent.

The economic impact of Manitoba Hydro Place is being tracked over the next two years. A dedicated web site will be launched at the end of November to track the project and its performance:

- $15.0 million in annual operation costs, including $7.0 million in annual lease costs by amalgamating 12 leased offices to one location; 20Y, 40Y, 60Y next present value analysis.

- Influx of 2000 employees from suburban offices has resulted in restaurants in the downtown reporting an increase in revenue.

- Over 50% of employees have converted to public transit, which will have a significant impact on the overall carbon footprint of the building.

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